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Bird Watching Station

with birds.png

External Project - Covestro AG

Was chosen to be presented at

K Fair in 2022 Dusseldorf, Germany

March 2021

3 months

Mood Board



The situation of old people sitting outside feeding the birds, in order to have some interaction with a living creature, is familiar to all of us.

Unfortunately, It's not always possible for elderly to go out.
In order to overcome loneliness & continue this valuable interaction with birds, I created this concept of a balcony feeding station. 

Final Design



final detail with lenses.png

Image Processing Camera

- Automatically records when a bird is identified on the platform. 



- Buffet

- Olympic Swimming Pool

- Exotic Botanical Garden 


With a smartphone application the user will be able to review the photos and videos captured by the smart camera.

Image processing technology will identify the bird's species and provide information about it.

Natural Habitat

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